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1.2V 10000mAh size D ni-mh battery


1.2V 10000mAh ni-mh replacement battery
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We have improve this nickel-metal hydride battery capacity from 1.2V 8.0AH ni-mh battery to 1.2V 10.0Ah, so the usage time is more than 20% longer
Order code :    UM10000D
Battery Size:   Diameter 32.5 mm x Height 61 mm + 1
Voltage:           1.2V
Capacity:         10 Ah (replace the old series with 8.0Ah)
System :          NI-MH
Weight:            About 172g
Terminal :        Flat contect
Internal Impedance : about 3mW (at 1000 Hz)
Standard charging current :    1000mAh x 16 hours
Fast charging current :            use recommended charging system
Charging Temperature:           0 to +40 °C (under fast charge)
Discharging Temperature:      0 to 50 °C
Storage Temperature:             -20 to 50 °C
Fit or replacement on battery part no.
Sanyo HR-D battery
Custom battery pack and assembly
have full line facilities and parts in , We can weld and assembly all type of custom layout battery pack , and we also design the charger to meet your battery pack requirement


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