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1.5V Alkaline size AAAA 4A battery

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Battery Size: Diameter 8.2 mm x Height 40.2 mm + 1

Voltage:           1.5V

Capacity:         625 mAh (replace the old series with 550mAh)

System :         alkaline

Terminal :       2 contact both end

Fit or replace battery part no. (Cross refer or compatible chart )

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Duracell MX2500B2U battery

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Eveready EN96 battery

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JIS LR61 battery

Kodak K4A battery

Size AAAA battery

Sonic AAAA LR8D425 battery

Toms AM6 battery

UAE-AAAA battery

Varta 4061 battery

Fit or replace product model: (Cross refer or compatible chart )

Huawei M-pen AF60 battery

Huawei Stylus battery

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