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12V 14 Ah deep cycle e-bike battery


12V 14Ah e-bike battery
a for bicycle battery
Order code : DLA12140 (12V 14Ah replace the 10Ah or 12Ah old series )
Categories:      12V 14Ah Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) maintenance free battery,
Description:     12V rechargeable battery
Size:                Length 151 x Width 98 x Height 100 mm (with terminal) + 2mm
Weight:            3.6Kg
Terminal:         F2 (6.35 mm or 0.25 inch)
Application:     UPS, Exit light , back-up system
Cells Per Unit: 6
Voltage Per Unit: 12 V
Capacity: 12.0Ah @ 20hr-rate to 1.75V per cell @ 25°C (77°F)
Weight (kg): Approx. 3.6kg
Maximum Discharge current (A): 120A (5sec.)
Internal Resistance Approx.: Approx. 16mΩ
Operating Temperature Range:
– Discharge:-15~50(5°F~122°F)
– Charge:-15~40(5°F~104°F)
– Storage:-15~40(5°F~104°F)
Nominal Operating Temperature Range: 25°C ± 3°C (77°F ± 5°F)
Float charging voltage: 13.5 to 13.8 VDC/unit Average at 25°C (77°F)
Recommended Maximum Charging current limit: 3.6A
Equalization and Cycle Service: 14.4 to 15.0 VDC/unit Average at 25°C (77°F)
Self Discharge: batteries can be stored for more than 6 months at 25°C (77°F)
Please charge batteries before using. For higher temperatures the time interval will be shorter.
Container Material: ABS(UL94-HB/File E50263)*Flammability resistance of(UL94-V0/File E88637) can be available upon request.
DLA12140 Deep Cycle DLA Batteries are designe for cyclic usage . By using a strong grid and specific alloy, this Deep Cycle battery has excellent performance on 1-5 hours of large current discharge and up to 30% more life time than General Purpose models. Deep Cycle batteries are prefect for use in electric vehicles, scooters, wheelchairs, or any application that uses a deep discharge .
Fits Models or battery cross refer part no.
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40672 battery
91-215 battery
AP-12140EV battery
DJW12-14 battery
LP12-14 battery
LP12-14-T2 battery
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SP12-15-T2 battery
UB12150 battery
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Bladez XTR Lite Electric battery Scooter
Bladez XTR Street 450 battery
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Champion NP 14-12 12V 14Ah battery
Charly Charly Scooter battery
City Bug Helper Scooter battery
Chil Wee 6-EVF-100A battery
Conext 900AVR battery
CSB GP12110 F2 battery
CSB EVX12120F2 battery
CSB GP12110 battery
CSB GP12120 F2 battery
CSB GPL-12120F2 battery
CSB GP12120 battery
CSB GP12120F2 battery
CSB EVH12150 battery
CSB EVH12150F2 battery
CSB GH12100 battery
CSB EVX12120 battery
CSB GP12100A battery
CSB GP12110F1 battery
CSB GP12110F2 battery
CSB GPL12120 batter battery
CSB EVH12140F2 battery
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Currie Currie Tricycle battery
Currie e-ride 16 in. Folding battery
Currie e-ride 20 in. Folding battery
Currie Phat Phantom battery
Currie Phat Flyer battery
Currie Flyer battery
Currie e-ride 26 in. Folding battery
Dash Dash Scooter battery
Data Shield AT5000 battery
Deltech PRM700a battery
Douglas Guardian DBG12-12G battery
Douglas Guardian DG1212A battery
Douglas Guardian DG12-12G battery
Douglas Guardian DBG1212A battery
E-Razor E-Raser Scooter battery
E-Scooter E Scooter 36V 350W battery ( 3 pcs )
e-Zip Trailz battery
e-Zip Mountain Trailz battery
Eagle Picher CF12V15 battery
eBike 24V Bicycle battery ( 2 pcs )
Electra Voy battery
Elk ELK-12120 battery
Elk ELK-12100 battery
EnerSys NP12-12FR battery
EnerSys NP12-12 battery
EnerSys NP12-12T battery
EnerSys 12V 12Ah battery
Eskate Eskate Scooter battery
EV Rider EV-Rider Scooter battery
Exide EP12-12 battery
Genesis NP12-12T battery
Genesis NP12-12FR battery
Giant La-Free Giant La-Free Bicycle battery
Go Go Go Go Scooter battery
Go-Ped Go-Ped Scooter
GS Storage PE12V12F2 battery
GT Scooter Asteroid battery
GT Scooter GT750 battery
Haze HZS12-12 battery
HCF Xport SLX battery
HCF Xport 711 battery
HCF Pacelight 701 battery
HCF Pacelight 705 battery
HCF 737 battery
HCF 735 battery
High Quality E-02 battery
High Quality E-029 battery
High Quality E-03 battery
High Quality E-15ETLX battery
High Quality M500 battery
High Quality E-15ET battery
High Quality E-15 battery
High Quality E-11 battery
High Quality E-036D-ST 3-Wheel battery
High Quality E-036-ST battery
Hitachi HP12-12 battery
HYC Xcaliber 250 battery
IBT BT12-12 battery
IBT BT12-12HC battery
IBT BT15-12 battery
IBT BT10-12 battery
iZip HG1000 battery
iZip CR36V450 battery
iZip CBAL24V450 battery
iZip CB24V450 battery
iZip I600 battery
iZip I250 battery
iZip Urban Cruise battery r
iZip MTNAL24V450 battery
iZip MTN24V450 battery
iZip I750 battery
iZip Chopper battery
iZip C24V450 battery
iZip I1000 battery
iZip AL-1020 battery
John Deere Worksite Gator IGOD0021 battery
John Deere Power Pull IGOR0006 battery
John Deere Gator SE IGOD0039 battery
John Deere Power Loader IGOR0020 battery
John Deere Off Road 4×4 IGOD0022 battery
John Deere Worksite Gator WSGATPL battery
John Deere Gator battery
John Deere Buck EXT IGOR0013 battery
John Deere Buck IGOR0010 battery
John Deere Turf Tractor IGOR0027 battery
John Deere Gator IGOD0004 battery
Jolt SA12120F1 battery
Jolt SA12120F2 battery
Long WP11-12 battery
Long WP12-12E battery
Long WP10-12 battery
Long WP12-12 battery
Leoch LP12-12 battery
MK ES12-12 battery
Mongoose CR24V450 battery
Mongoose M750 battery
Mongoose HG1000 battery
Mongoose CR36V450 battery
Mongoose CB24V450 battery
Mongoose J3 battery
Mongoose 2004 Pro Cosmic battery
Mongoose AL1020 battery
Mongoose CX24V450 battery
Mongoose Hornet F5 Elextric Scooter battery
Mongoose M-750 battery
Mongoose CBAL24V450 battery
Muz Muz Scooter battery
OD 6-DW-12 battery
Opti 650E battery
Opti 1400ES battery
Opti 1400E battery
Panasonic LC-RA1212PU battery
Panasonic 12V 14Ah battery
Panasonic 12V 12Ah battery
Panasonic LC-PB1210PU battery
Panasonic LC-R1211P battery
Panasonic LC-R12V10PF battery
Panasonic LC-R12V12P battery
Panasonic LC-R12V12PF battery
Panasonic LC-R8512P battery
Panasonic LC-R8512PF battery
Panasonic LC-R8512PS battery
Panasonic LC-RA1212CH battery
Panasonic LC-RA1212P battery
Panasonic LC-RB1210PU battery
Panasonic LC-RA1212PG1 battery
Panasonic LC-RA1215PC1 battery
Panasonic LC-R1212P battery
Panasonic LC-RA1212P1 battery
Panasonic LC-RA1214PC1 battery
Panasonic LC-PA1216ST1 battery
Para Systems Minuteman Pro 700 battery
Potter Electric PFC-5004E battery
Potter Electric BT-120 battery
Power Patrol SLA1104 battery
Power Patrol SLA3060 battery
Power-Sonic 12V 12AH battery
Power-Sonic 12V 14Ah battery
Power-Sonic PS-12120 battery
Power-Sonic PS-12100 battery
Power-Sonic PS-12140 battery
Power-Sonic 12V 12Ah battery
Powercat Powercat Scooter battery
Rad2Go Great White E36 battery
Rad2Go Leopard Shark battery
Rad2Go Sunbird battery
Rad2Go Rocket Racer battery
Rad2Go ZZCruiser battery
Razor Pocket Rocket Electric Mini Bike battery
Rhino SLA10-12/T25 battery
Ritar RT12140EV battery
Ritar RT12120EV battery
Ritar 12V 14Ah battery
Ritar 12V 12Ah battery
Schwinn Zone 5 battery
Schwinn X-1000 kdz Kids Electric Scooter battery
Schwinn SW350 battery
Schwinn SW200 battery
Schwinn ST1000 battery
Schwinn S750 – 2005-Older Models battery
Shaoxing Huitong 6-DW-12 battery
Sharper Image Sharper Image Scooter battery
Shredder Shredder Scooter battery
Sola Scooters Night Rider battery
Sonnenschein A212/12G battery
Sonnenschein A412/8.5 SR battery
Sonnenschein 2145139800 battery
Sonnenschein 95525 battery
Sonnenschein NGA5120010 battery HSOSA
Sonnenschein CR1212 battery
Sonnenschein A51210S battery
Sonnenschein A512100S battery
Sonnenschein A212/9.5S battery
Sonnenschein A212/10S battery
Sonnenschein 789552500 battery
Spartan Sports Spartan Sports Scooter battery
Special solar 6-CNFJ-14 (12V14AH) battery
Star II Star II Scooter battery
Tempest TR12-12 battery
Tempest TD12-12 battery
Tempest TD14-12 battery
Tripp Lite Internet Office 280 battery
Tripp Lite Imax UPS 280 battery
Union MX-12120 F2 battery
Union MX-12120 battery
Universal UB12120 battery
Universal D5775 battery
Vego Vego Scooter battery
Vision 6FM12 battery
Vision CP12120D battery
Vision CP12100 battery
Vision CP12120 battery
Viza Motors Viza Motor Scooter battery
Volcano KB12120 battery
Whizbang AS-390 Whiz Bang battery
X-Port X-Port Scooter battery
X-Treme X-600 battery
X-Treme X-700 battery
X-Treme X-50-300 battery
X-Treme X-360 battery
X-Treme XW-100 battery
X-Treme XT-300 battery
X-Treme XB-350 battery
X-Treme X-Treme Scooter battery
X-Treme X-560 battery
X-Treme X-50-500 battery
X-Treme XB-500 battery
X-Treme XP-700 Pocket Bike battery
Xrazor Xrazor Scooter battery
Yuasa NP12-12FR battery
Yuasa NP12-12 battery
Yuasa 12V 12Ah battery
Yuasa NP12-12T battery
Z Scooters Z Cruiser X battery
Z Scooters Z-Rider battery
Z Scooters Z-Lightning battery
Z Turbo Z Turbo Scooter battery
Z-Lightning SE battery
Z-Lightning Z-Lightning battery
ZapWorld New Century Bike battery
ZapWorld Transport Bike battery
ZapWorld PowerBike XS battery
ZapWorld Whiz Bang battery
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