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12V 50Ah Li-Fe Lithium Rechargeable Electric Vehicle (EV) battery


EVB120500A 12V 50Ah Lithium Rechargeable Battery
12V Li-Fe Lithium battery

Voltage: 12V
Capacity: 50Ah

Diameter : L222 x W155 x H179 mm
Weight: 9.5g
Discharge Current: 60A (Max. continuous)
Discharge Current: 80A (Max. pulse up to 20sec.)
Charging voltage: 14.6V DC
Protection current: 100A + 10A
Charger model: EVB120500A-BC

Used as electric vehicle battery

For cars, motorbikes, Personal Mobility Device (PMD)

Comes also in 80Ah, 90Ah, 100Ah



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