24V 10Ah 18650 7S4P Lithium ion battery (with charger)


24V 10Ah 18650 7S4P Lithium ion battery (with charger)

This offer is for battery + charger bundle set, if you require the battery only, please visit this product page.

24V 10000mAh Li-ion battery with protection circuit PCB board (BMS)

Battery Model: 29V 10Ah
Battery type: Li-ion
Nominal Voltage: 29V
Nominal Capacity: 10000mAh
Single Cell: 3.7V 2.5Ah
Cell size: 18650 2500mAh
Cell Combination: 7S4P
Cell Quantity (parallel x series): 28 pcs
Life cycle: 600 times (80% DOD)
Net Weight: 1.3kg
Dimension: 135 x 80 x 65mm (length x width x height)
Output voltage range: 19V-29.4V
Discharge Cutoff Voltage: 19+/- 1V
Charge Cutoff Voltage: 29.4V
Instantaneous Maximum Discharge Current: 30A
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current: 15A
Maximum Continuous Charge Current: 5A
Charge Mode: CC-CV
Standard Charge Current: 2A
Charge Time under Standard Charge Current: 4hours
Fast Charge Current: 5A
Charge Time under Fast Charge Current: 1.5hours
Charge temperature: 0-45 ° C
Discharge temperature: -10-60 ℃
Connector: DC5.5*2.1mm for charge
Internal 15A BMS protection circuit: Battery overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit protection.

Charger specifications:
29.4V 2A Lithium charger

Application: Electric bicycle, electric motorcycle, electric scooter, motor, trolley, power wheelchairs, battery pack diy, power tools, instruments, LED lighting, backup power supplies, household appliances and emergent device area, etc.

Packing list:
1. 29V 10Ah Lithium Battery pack x 1
2. 29.4V 2A Lithium Charger x 1