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4LR44 6V Alkaline battery for Duracell PX28A Energizer A544 GP 476A Maxell 4LR44 Panasonic 4LR44 Varta V28PX battery

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4LR44 6V alkaline battery

Order code : 4LR44 ( 6V Alkaline battery with 105 mAh capacity)
Order code : U2CR1/3N ( 6V Lithium battery with 160mAH capacity)
6V battery wit flat terminal
Diameter: 13mm x height 25.2 mm + 1
Deal to mercury cells are banned because of toxicity and environmental fears
provide the 6V 4LR44 alkaline battery provide 6.0V , which is higher than the 5.6V produced by the mercury cell, most instrument with this small increase in voltage and function perfectly  
The U2CR1/3N lithium battery have very long shelf life (10 year)
Fit or replace battery part no. (Cross refer or compatible)
In Alkaline 6V (Alkaline can’t use in low temperture please use Lithium battery)
Duracell PX 28A battery
Duracell 28A battery
Enercell PX28A battery
Energizer A544 battery
IEC 4LR44 battery
Gold Peak 476A battery
GP 476A battery
Kodak K 28A battery
Maxell 4LR44P battery
Maxell 4LR44 battery
NEDA 1414A battery
Panasonic 4LR44 battery
Rayovac RPX28 battery
Ray-o-vac RPX28 battery
Saft 1325 battery
Sony A544 battery
Sony 4LR44 battery
Sunrise 4LR44 battery
Toshiba 4LR44 battery
Varta V4034PX battery
GP 4AG13 battery
Fit or replace battery part no. (Cross refer or compatible)
in Silver Oxide 6.2V
Eveready 544 battery
Energizer 544 battery
Duracell PX28 battery
IEC 1406SOP battery
Maxell 4SR44 battery
Panasonic 4G13 battery
Panasonic 4SR44 battery
Rayovac RPX28 battery
Ray-o-vac RPX28 battery
Sony 4SR44 battery
Toshiba 4SR44 battery
Varta V28PX battery
4-G13 battery
GP476 battery
HG13, 28SO,4SR44P, 537 battery
Fit or replace product model: (Cross refer or compatible)
Alarm remote control battery
Camera / plhoto battery
Lighting meter battery
MasterPlus dog collar battery
Aboistop collar battery
Anti Bark collar battery
innotek sd-70 lap dog trainer battery