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Saft 6VTD 70 battery for ABB 001-4944026-4/S and ABB EUATRO Parts 4944026-4/S battery


ABB Industrial robot # 4944026-4 battery replacement
a for industry instrument battery

We have improve the battery capacity from 7.2V 4000mAh NiMH battery to 7.2V 5000mAh by using the hi capacity ni-cd rechargeable pack , so the usage time is more than 20% longer  , all are brand new assemble not recycle part.

Order code :    CRC2010
Battery Size:  L 200 mm x W 33.5 mm x H 61.5 mm + 1
Voltage:           7.2V
Capacity:         5000 mAh (replace the old series with 4000mAh)
System :          Ni-CD
Terminal :        2 pin connector
Fit or replace battery part no.
SAFT 6VTD 70 battery
SAFT 6 KRMT 33/62 battery
SAFT 6KRMT 33/63 battery
ABB type/Ref.  787639 battery
ABB type/Ref 786595 battery
ABB 001-4944026-4/S battery
ABB 4944-026-4 battery

Fit or replace model:
ABB Industrial robot battery
ABB EUATRO Parts 4944026-4/S battery
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