Anritsu 633-44 633-75 battery for Anritsu MS2721A, MS272xB, MS272xC, MS271xE, MT821xE, MS202xA, MS203xA, MS202xB, MS202xC, MS203xB, S3x1E, S3x2E, and S412E.


Voltage: 11.1V
Capacity: 6600mAh
Type: Li-ion battery

Battery fits or replace the following (battery compatible, direct replacement (equivalent), suitable, aftermarket, plug and play for these part no. and models):
Anritsu 633-44 battery
Anritsu 633-75 battery
SM-Energy SM 204 battery
MS8911 battery
Anritsu MS2721A
Anritsu MS272xB
Anritsu MS272xC
Anritsu MS271xE
Anritsu MT821xE
Anritsu MS202xA
Anritsu MS203xA
Anritsu MS202xB
Anritsu MS202xC
Anritsu MS203xB
Anritsu S3x1E
Anritsu S3x2E
Anritsu S412E
UNB666113S (Anritsu 633-75 battery)