Cameron Nuflo MV-100005111 LS33600-CN battery for Cameron Nuflo MC-II Plus MC-III Plus flow analyzers


3.6V 1900mAh lithium battery with connector

Battery Specifications

Voltage: 3.6V
Capacity: 14500mAh
WH: 52.2Wh
Type: Li-MnO2
Dimensions: 60.2 x 35.1 x 33.4mm
Weight: 211.0g

Fully Compatible with MC-II Plus MC-II Plus EXP MC-III Plus EXP Flow Analyzer MC-III Plus Flow Analyzers. Perfectly Works like the original battery.

PLC Battery and back-up battery

Battery fits or replace the following (battery compatible, direct replacement (equivalent), suitable, aftermarket, plug and play for these part no. and models):

Alexor WT4911B
Energy plus 99143283 battery
EnergyPlus ER34615M-T1 battery
Energy plus WT4911B battery
EnergyPlus WT4911BATT battery
Cameron MV-100005111 battery
Cameron Nuflo 9A-100005111 battery
CAMERON Nuflo battery
Saft LS33600-CN1 battery
Cameron Nuflo MC-II Plus flow analyzers battery
Cameron Nuflo MC-III Plus flow analyzers battery
Haliburton 700 flow meter
PLC3679-SF (with Saft 3.6V lithium battery)