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Dell Latitude 500m 510m 600m D500 D505 D510 D600 D610  9T119 312-0095 451-10142 9T119 9T255 battery


11.1V Dell Inspiron 630m 640m laptop battery

Order code : UNB666132
Fit or replace notebook battery part no. (Cross refer or compatible)
Dell 0R160 battery
Dell 0X217
Dell 06P758
Dell 07W999
Dell 0R160
Dell 0X217
Dell 1M590
Dell 1X793
Dell 310-4482
Dell 310-5195
Dell 312-0063
Dell 312-0068 312-0191 312-0309
Dell 312-0408 312-4347 312-4437
Dell 312-4482 315-0084 3R305
Dell 451-10132 451-10194 4M010
Dell 4P894 6Y270 7Y356
Dell BAT1194 C1295 C2603
Dell G2053 G2053 A00 G2053A01
Dell J2178 M9014 U1536
Dell U1544 W1605 Y1338
Dell YD165
Fit or replace notebook battery part no. (Cross refer or compatible)
Dell Precision Mobile Workstation M20
Dell Inspiron 500m Series
Dell Inspiron 510m Series
Dell Inspiron 600m Series
Dell Latitude D505 Series
Dell Latitude D510 Series
Dell Latitude D600 Series
Dell Latitude D610 Series
Dell Latitude D500 Series
Latitude D505 Latitude D530
Dell Latitude D520 Series
Latitude D520
Dell Precision M20 Series
Precision M20

Dell Adapter for above battery and notebook model
Input: AC 100-240V
Output : DC 19.5V 3.34A 65W / 19.5V 4.62A 90W
Terminal type: PC15
Order code:
P195334PC15 (19.5V 3.34A Dell original / genuine adapter no. PA-12)
P195334PC23 (19.5V 3.34A Dell original / genuine slim adapter no. PA-21 with octagon dc plug)
P195462PC15DE (19.5V 4.62A Dell original adapter  no. PA-3E FA90PE1-00 P/N: CM889 )
PA195334PC15 (19.5V 3.34A adapter )
PA195462PC15 (19.5V 4.62A adapter )