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Duracell DR201 DR-201 Gold Peak GP DR201 DR-201 Lithium ion battery


10.8V 4500mAh (50wh) Duracell DR-201 replacement battery

UNB666113 is a replacement battery for model Duracell DR201 Duracell DR201 is a lithium ion battery pack it look same size as DR35 but it may not 100% compatible because this battery is design as a standard pack for OEM design so the charger for DR35 is a ni-mh charging system it may not able to charge the DR201 Lithium ion battery.

Order code : UNB666113 ( DR-201 Li-ion battery)

Order code : UNB660122 ( DR35 Ni-MH battery)

Order code : UNB660122 ( DR35S Ni-MH smart battery)

Cross refer or replace battery part no. (compatible / substitute )

Acer DR201 battery

Acer 91.47028.011 battery

Duracell DR201 battery

Duracell DR-201 battery

GP DR201 battery

GP DR-201 battery

Gold Peak DR201 battery

Gold Peak DR-201 battery

Texas Instruments / TI DR201 battery

DR201 battery

Fit or replacement product model:

Acer AcerNote 350P battery

Acer AcerNote 350PX battery

Acer AcerNote 350 battery

Acer AcerNote 352 battery

Acer AcerNote 355 battery

Acer AcerNote 356 battery

Acer AcerNote 361 battery

Acer AcerNote Light 356 battery

Acer AcerNote Light 372 battery

Acer AcerNote Light 373 battery

Acer AcerExtensa 670 battery