Elecom DH-HD21E50BK Ver 2.1/8K/UHDR/5.0M HDMI Cable (Black)

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Compatible models: HDMI (Type A / 19-pin) side: LCD TVs, plasma TVs, projectors, etc. with HDMI input terminals,

HDMI (Type A / 19-pin) side: AV equipment, game consoles, etc. with HDMI output terminals

Standard: Ultra High-Speed ??HDMI Cable certified

Connector shape: HDMI (Type A, 19-pin)-HDMI (Type A, 19-pin)

Cable type: Standard

Transmission speed: 48Gbps

Supported resolutions: 8K4K2K compatible 7,680 × 4,320 (60p) / 3,840 × 2,160 (120p)

Shielding method: Triple shield

Plug plating specifications: Gold plate

cable length: 5.0m

Cable thickness: 8mm

Color: black