FDK CR12600SE 3V Cylindrical Lithium (MnO2) Battery

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Please contact us before placing order. Stocks are volatile. Battery may not be in stock.

FDK CR12600SE 3V Cylindrical Lithium (MnO2) Battery

Depending on stock levels, either the Sanyo or FDK battery will be supplied. Both are the same exact specifications and inter-changeable.

Voltage: 3V

Capacity: 1500 mAh / 1.5Ah

System: Lithium Manganese dioxide

Terminal: contact both end

Battery Size: Diameter 12 mm x Height 60 mm + 1

Weight: 15g

Standard discharge current: 1.0mA

Continuous discharge current: 15 mA (max.)

Pulse discharge current: 250 mA (max.)

Temperature: -40°C to +85 °C

Battery fits or replace the following (battery compatible, direct replacement (equivalent), suitable, aftermarket, plug and play for these part no. and models):

FDK CR12600SE battery

Sanyo CR12600SE battery

GPI 113520-1 battery (3Vx2)

Sanyo CR-2N battery

Varta CR2NP battery

Emerson Floboss S600 battery

GPI digital flow meter battery

GPI TM50 battery

GPI TM100 battery

GPI TM100-N battery

GPI TM200 battery

GPI TM200-n battery