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3.7V NTA2176 2-011 Li-ion watch replacement battery
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We have improve the battery capacity from 3.7V 570mAh Li-ion battery to 3.7V 600mAh by using the samsung Li-ion rechargeable pack , so the usage time is more than 7% longer  , all are brand new assemble not recycle part.

Order code :    UNLI-NTA2176
Battery Size:  L 48.4 mm x W 30 mm x H 5.5 mm + 1 (with PCM)
Voltage:           3.7V
Capacity:         600 mAh (replace the old series with 570mAh)
System :          Li-ion watch battery
Terminal :        2 contact
Charging Voltage:       4.2V
Charging Current:       0.2C~1C
Discharge end voltage:           2.6V
Charging Temperature:          0 to +45 °C
Discharging Temperature:      -20 to 60 °C
Storage Temperature:            -30 to 50 °C
For or cross refer to battery part no. (compatible / substitute )
NTA2176 battery
NTA 2176 battery
2-011 battery
RD43038 battery
Battery for or cross refer to model no. (compatible / substitute )
Two-Way Radio of Wrist Watch battery
Freetalker wrist watch FRS 2-ways radio battery
watch walkie Talkie G066 battery
Watch radio G066 battery


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