Ikusi BT06 BT06K battery for Ikusi TM70 1 2 hall crane


4.8V 850mAh Ikusi BT06K crane control battery

Original battery is 600mAh.

Ikusu TM70 12 Set
Ikusu TM70 12 Set

Note:: Picture illustration to show the set for reference. We supply only the replacement battery.

Compatible with the following:

Ikusi BT06 battery

Ikusi BT06K battery

Ikusi BT06K-ATEX battery (GREEN)

Ikusi BT08K battery

EvoCrane battery

Abus BT06K battery

Ikusi TM70 1 battery

Ikusi TM70 2 battery

Ikusi TM70 1 hall battery

Ikusi TM70 2 hall battery

Ikusi TM70 1 atex battery

Ikusi TM70 2 atex battery

Ikusi TM70/1 13B battery

Abus Crane AbuRemote battery

Handheld Pushbutton Transmitters T70/1 and T70/2 battery

for TM70/1, TM70/2, RAD-TS and RAD-TF transmitters battery