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Imasen wheelchair 24V battery


recondition wheel chair battery service provide by in
a battery product

On this model no , We are unable to supply this complete battery pack with casing , but we can open the casing and replace the internal cells.

Order code : RCD1002 ( Imasen wheelchair battery )
recondition 24V 10.0Ah ni-mh Wheel chair battery
Nickel Metal Hydride battery
We can provide you with a competitively priced replacement or upgrade battery for your old powered wheelchair system. The exact same batteries are used in the rebranded powered wheelchairs.

Fit or replace battery part no. : (Cross refer or compatible chart )
Imasen DPS-L20 battery
Imasen DPS-L22 battery
Imasen DPS-L24 battery
Imasen DPS-M22 battery
Imasen DPS-M24 battery
Imasen DP-45A battery
Imasen DP-60A battery
Fit or replace product model: (Cross refer or compatible chart )
24V 10ah ni-mh Wheelchair battery