Maxell SR621SW 1.55V Silver Oxide Battery


Maxell SR621SW 1.55V Silver Oxide Battery

Voltage: 1.55V
Capacity: 16mAh
Type: Silver oxide, button cell
Dimensions: Diameter 6.8 mm x Height 2.15 mm
Weight: 0.4 g
Application: Small electronic devices, watch silver oxide battery

Battery fits or replace the following (battery compatible, direct replacement (equivalent), suitable, aftermarket, plug and play for these part no. and models):
Energizer 364 battery
Maxell SR621SW battery
Panasonic SR621SW battery
Renata 364 battery
Seiko SR621SW battery
Sony SR621SW battery
Spron SR621SW battery
SG1 battery
SP621SWBP (in card packing)