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AT&T/Lucent 4068, 4905, 4935, 4952, 5491, 24027, 91085, 24027X battery


3.6V cordless phone battery

order code: SCP36 (ni-cd battery 400mAh)
order code: MCP36 (ni-mh battery 800mAh)
Fit or replace  battery part no.
Panasonic P-P301 battery
Panasonic HHR-P301 battery
Panasonic KX-A36A battery
Panasonic TYPE 2 battery
SANYO 3N 350AAC battery
Sony BP-T16 600mAh battery
Toshiba TRB-6500 battery
Uniden BT-185 battery
Fit or replace cordless phone model (Cross refer or compatible)
Panasonic KX-T3610, KX-T3620, KX-T3640 battery
Panasonic KX-T3705, KX-T3710, KX-T3712, KX-T3720, KX-T3725, KX-T3730 battery
Panasonic KX-T3800, KX-T3805, KX-T3807, KX-T3822, KX-T3824, KX-T3842, KX-T3848, KX-T3850, KX-T3855, KX-T3860, KX-T3870, KX-T3875, KX-T3880 battery
Panasonic KX-T3908, KX-T3910, KX-T3920, KX-T3925, KX-T3930, KX-T3932, KX-T3935, KX-T3940, KX-T3945, KX-T3950, KX-T3960, KX-T3962, KX-T3965, KX-T3967, KX-T3980 battery
Panasonic KX-T4168 battery
Panasonic KX-T4200, KX-T4200R battery
Panasonic KX-T4300, KX-T4310, KX-T4330, KX-T4340, KX-T4342, KX-T4350, KX-T4360, KX-T4365, KX-T4370 battery
Panasonic KX-T4400 battery
Panasonic KX-T4500, KX-T4550 battery
Panasonic KX-T4600 battery
Panasonic KX-T37101, KX-T37201, KX-T37301 battery
Panasonic KX-T39101, KX-T39102 battery
Panasonic KX-TC100, KX-TC150, KX-TC155, KX-TC160, KX-TC165, KX-TC170, KX-TC180, KX-TC185, KX-TC187, KX-TC197 battery
Panasonic KX-TC280, KX-TC282 battery
Panasonic KX-TC424, KX-TCC106, KX-TCC116 battery
Panasonic KX-TCC425, KX-TCM410, KX-TCM415, KX-TCM417, KX-TCM418, KX-TCM424, KX-TCM440 battery
Panasonic KX-TCM914 battery
Uniden DX1665, DX355, DX419, DX434, DX634, DX719, DX734, DX834 battery
Uniden DX1665, DX3555, DX3565, DX4519, DX4534, DX8200 battery
Uniden DXA6505, DXAI685, DXI860 battery
Uniden EX254, EX1100, EX1500 battery
Uniden EX2000, EX2101, EX2600, EX2700 battery
Uniden EX3000, EX3201, EX3300, EX3500, EX3600, EX3610 battery
Uniden QV4544 battery
Uniden XC1660 battery
Uniden XC265, XC302, XC305, XC310, XC310G, XC312, XC314, XC315, XC320, XC330, XC340, XC345, XC365 battery
Uniden XC600, XC610, XC615, XC645, XC700, XC714, XC716, XC717, XC718, XC815, XC1660 battery
Uniden XC3510, XC3514, XC3515, XC3530, XC3545, XC4510, XC4515, XC4519, XC4534, XCA555, XCA650, XCA2500, XCA2510, XCA2515, XCA4500, XCA4510, XCA4515 battery
Uniden XCAI680, XCI607, XCI665, XCI667 battery
Toshiba TRB6500, FT1000, FT1500, FT6002, FT6003, FT6004, FT6014, FT6202, FT6203, FT6302, FT6305, FT6503, FT6505, FT6515 battery
Sony SPP-55, SPP-57, SPP-58, SPP-65, SPP-71, SPP-72, SPP-73 battery
Sony SPP-205, SPP-250 battery
Sony SPP-A20, SPP-A40, SPP-A60 battery
Sony SPP-A110, SPP-A250, SPP-A400, SPP-A450, SPP-A700 battery
Sony SPP-AQ25, SPP-AQ120, SPP-AQ150 battery
Sony SPP-ID300, SPP-ID400, SPP-M502, SPP-AQ500, SPP-AQ600 battery
Sony SPP-Q110, SPP-Q120, SPP-Q150 battery
Sony SPP-QA500, ST250, SPP-D15 battery
Sony SPP-A20, SPP-A40, SPP-75 GE 29519A, 29630A, 52189A, 52310, 52311, 53304 battery
Philips EVALIA 5500, Xalio 6200, Xalio 6400, Xalio 6800, Aloris battery
Sanyo CLT-4ER, CLT-5ER, CLT-6ER battery
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