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Philips MT700D04C051 4.8v Baby Monitor battery

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4.8V 850mAh Philips MT700D04C051 battery
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Order code : CRC2067 (Philips MT700D04C051 battery )
Our new series battery are using 4.8V 850mAh low discharge ni-mh battery to replace the olde series 700mAh battery , so once is full charge it can hold 90% capacity in one year , so no more after long storage when need to use but battery low problem
Fit or replace battery part no. (Cross refer or compatible)
Philips MT700D04C051 battery
Philips Baby Monitor battery
Philips P/N NA150D04C051 battery
Fit or replace product model: (Cross refer or compatible)
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Philips SBC-SC465 battery
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