Wideband audio (up to 6,800 Hz), noise cancelling microphone

Telephone intensive users, including formal customer care centers

and customer service organisations where employees have their

own desks

SoundGuard digital

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PN: 89434-01

Poly EncorePro HW520

Replacement for SUPRAPLUS HW261N

Improve call quality with our most popular contact center headset, the Poly EncorePro

500 Series. End caller frustration and elevate the customer experience. Unique

adjustable noise-canceling microphone ensures accurate positioning for clear audio.

Voice optimized frequency response sharpens sound. Plus, it’s custom-made for

heavy usage—less downtime equals more productivity. Count on top grade aluminum

joints with 15 years of expertise, built in. The agent experience matters, too. Super

lightweight, great fitting design is all about comfort. Soft ear cushions swap out quickly

and easily, extending usage and value. It’s everything you need to keep callers, and

agents, happy.

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• Hi-fi stereo for media playback (USB only)

• Adjustable sidetone (USB only)

• Aircraft grade aluminum joints for enhanced durability

• Quick Disconnect (QD) tested to over 30,000 cycles

• Inline call control for easy volume adjustment and muting (USB only)

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banner poly encorepro520 series 500×500 3


• Flexible noise-cancelling microphone

boom with visual and tactile indicators

to ensure accurate positioning. Enables

better sound quality and clearer

conversations with voice-optimized

frequency response

• Fine-tune the acoustic perspective of

every call for a more natural-sounding

conversation with adjustable sidetone

(USB only)

• Supports SoundGuard Digital advanced

acoustic protection—(Anti-startle, G616

and TWA) (USB only)

• Rely on the expertise of a manufacturer

that’s made enterprise-grade contact

center headsets for over 50 years