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Electronic Music Gadgets

Why buy new equipment when you can repair them? We understand professional musicians require their instrument and equipment to function flawlessly. Their creativity and livelihood depend on them. They are an extension of who they are.

Ever had a problem and being told by the dealer/ distributor/manufacturer to just buy a new one? We are here to help restore your instrument/equipment to be as good as new.

Our expertise:

  • Line 6
  • (M13) Stompbox Modeler
  • (M9) Stompbox Modeler
  • (M5) Stompbox Modeler
  • AMPLIFi 150 & 75
  • Spider Guitar Amps (IV75, IV30)
  • StageScape M20d Mixers
  • StageSource L3S, L3T, L3M
  • Relay Guitar Wireless
  • XD-V Vocal Wireless
  • Multi Effects POD HS-X Series, FireHawk FX, AMPLIFi FX100

Contact us at sales@repairsnspares.com for your repairs and maintenance needs.

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