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Freeboss FB-U09 Dual Way Digital UHF Wireless Microphone with 2 Metal Handhelds

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FB-U09 01 Wireless Microphones

Gold Color:

FB-U09 01 Wireless Microphones

Silver Color:

FB-U09 01 Wireless Microphones


1. Key Point:

    1) UHF Band Fixed Frequency(653.50MHz,643.50MHz)  

    2) Transmitter: 2 pcs Metal handheld microphones  

    3) Receiver: Metal Box, ON/OFF Knob, Individual Volume Knob, AF/RF Indicator

    4) Special digital launch receiving circuit, strongly improve S/N ratio, high fidelity reduction pick up sound.

    5) Digital transmit receive encryption,stop all external signal interference.

    6) Set special arbitrary selection of 8 kinds effects sound output, suitable for all kinds occasions and performance activities.

             (0: standard  1: Boost  2: Treble  3: Pop  4: Rock  5: Classic  6: Jazz  7: Dance  8: R&B)

    7) Two XLR individual outputs and one 1/4″ Mixed output. 

    8) Range: 30-50 meters, Suit for karaoke, speaking, party, etc.

    9) battery: 4*AA

8 Kinds effects:
FB-U09 11 Wireless Microphones
Packing list:
FB-U09 41 Wireless Microphones

Working Range:

FB-U09 12 Wireless Microphones

2.Product Description:

  • Stability: 0.005% (-10-50)
  • Deviation: 40KHz
  • S/N: 96db
  • Distortion:0.5%@1KHz
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz-20KHz 

3. Receiver :

Receiver front panel function:

1.) Power Switch:

   A)  Link the power adapter to receiver power socket,then link the power adapter to 220V power.

   B)  Press the receiver power button,power indicator is on,the receiver is on “working” status.

2.) AF Led Indictaor

     when RF indicator is on, microphone A/B power is on

   A) Microphone A/B pick up the sound, the AF light is on

   B) no sound is picked up, the AF light is off.

3.) RF Led Indictaor

     when the receiver is on “working” status,

   A) Microphone A/B no power, left/right RF light is off

   B) Microphone A/B is on, left/right RF light is on

4) Backlit Screen:  the screen will not change.

5.) Effect Screen:

     Display the number of the present effect.

6.) Effect Choose Button:

     Press the button, the number will change from 0 to 8. You can choose the effect according to the number. (0: standard  1: Boost 2: Treble 3: Pop 4: Rock 5: Classic 6: Jazz 7: Dance 8: R&B)

7.) Volume Knob:

     clockwise: volume from low to high

     anticlockwise: volume from high to low.

FB-U09 21 Wireless Microphones

Receiver back panel function:

1) Mic A and Mic B XLR socket:

A.) Need XLR cable:(not included in the package)

B.) From the socket,

a) you can link the receiver to audio mixer

b) then you can control the microphone A  or microphone B separately.

2) Mix out socket:

A.) Need 6.35mm plug cable.(included in the package)

B.) From the socket,

a) you can link the receiver to amplifer/speaker,etc.

b) you only can control the microphone A and B together.

FB-U09 22 Wireless Microphones

Power adapter: 



3) PLUG adapter

FB-U09 33 Wireless Microphones




4. Transmitter:

  • Capsule: Professional Audio Dynamic Capsul
  • Transmitting power:< =10dbm
  • Frequency stabilization:+-0.005%
  • Battery Two-pieces battery of 1.5


Metal handheld, Comfort and smooth handling experience with elegant appearance.

Microphone head 

Polygon design to prevent rolling.


1) Type: Moving coil

2) Polar pattern: Cardioid


Battery low power LED indicator:

     1)Red led light on: enough power

     2)Red led light flash: low power

FB-U09 31 Wireless Microphones

FB-U09 32 Wireless Microphones

FB-U09 23 Wireless Microphones

5. Application
FB-U09 43 Wireless Microphones
FB-U09 42 Wireless Microphones
6. Packing Pictures:

1) Microphone                   2pcs  

2) Receiver                        1pc 

3) Audio cable                   1pc  

4) Power adapter              1pc  

5) Owner’s manual            1pc  

6)1.5V Battery  4pcs (Pls note: Due to transportation reasons, the battery is not issued with the goods, please purchase by yourself, tks!)

FB-U09 51 Wireless Microphones

FB-U09 20-1 Wireless Microphones

Please Note:

Please confirm the frequency is ok for you.
If you need other frequency, please tell us before you order. 

HOW TO USE Wireless Microphone: 

  1) 6.35 plug cable to the audio mixer (there is one piece cable in the package)

3 MIX 01

 2) 6.35 plug cable to the audio mixer (there is one piece cable in the package)

3 MIX 02

 3) 6.35 plug cable to the amplifier (there is one piece cable in the package)

3 MIX 03

4) 6.35 plug cable to amplifier (there is one piece cable in the package)

3 MIX 04

5) 6.35 plug cable to amplifier-speaker (there is one piece cable in the package)

3 MIX 05

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