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Repairs and Spares Pte Ltd

Supply and Repair of Power Supply and Adapters

Repairs and Spares Pte Ltd (Power Supply Division)

Supply and Repair of Power Supply / Adapters

Power Supply Repair

Power Supply for Computers, Servers, PLC, CCTV, Lab Equipment, Inverters, Modules. SCADA, Point of Sales (POS)

We undertake repairs and supply of various power supply and adapters.

Items include:

  1. Redundant power supplies for servers, network video recorders, computers and other network devices, etc.
  2. Power adapters for monitors, computers, laptops, lab equipment, PoE, etc.
  3. Power supply for CCTV cameras, lightings, etc.
  4. Power adapters for Point of Sales (POS) systems

Brands and models include:

FSP, 3y, Norco, Davision, HP, Silverstone, Enermax, Dynapower, Sure Star, Meanwell and others.

100W to upwards of the 2000W power supply.

Types of sizes: PS/2, ATX and mini redundant power supplies.

Email us at technical@repairsnspares.com or use the form below to contact us:

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