Repairs and Spares is based in Singapore and has been serving industrial customers since 2006. We are the people that people look for when there are no other companies that can offer them solutions.

We have built up an extensive knowledge database from years of experience and learning from the field. This includes the area of
electronic, electrical, electro-mechanical and mechanical.

We specialise in obsolete equipment and systems. These range from simple factory automation systems to mission-critical equipment.

Repairs and Spares activities are as follows:

  1. Repair of all things electrical, electronic and mechanical for various industries
  2. Offering of alternatives such as refurbishment or re-manufacturing
  3. Sourcing and procurement of electrical, electronic and mechanical items
  4. Supply of tools, parts, spares and equipment
  5. Consultant and solutions provider for obsolete and hard-to-find spares, parts and equipment
  6. Authorised service and repair centre for various manufacturers who do not have presence in-country
  7. Repairs and Spares also run its own e-commerce shop offering a one-stop shop for technical equipment, systems, spares, parts and components. Click hereĀ to visit.

We are proud of our achievements and will continue to strive to meet the demands and needs of our customers.

Please get in touch with us to learn more and we are more than willing to share with you the projects we have done.

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