If you have:
1. A question for a particular product or service.
2. Need our help to advice you on a particular problem you have with an equipment / system (we provide a non-obligatory site visit).
3. Need help in sourcing
4. Anything else other than the above.
You can contact us by:
1. E-mail us at sales@repairsnspares.com
2. Call, WhatsApp Call / Text, Signal or Telegram us at +65 9771 3343. Our lines are open 24 hours daily, 365 days a year. Our lines might be busy and we may not be able to answer every call. Leave us a text and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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4. Use the Facebook Messenger Chat at the bottom (please note it may take us a while to respond through the chat. It is advisable to continue with your Facebook account instead of Guest so that we can easily communicate.