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Fluke BP190 battery for Fluke Scopemeter 192 192B 196 196b 196C 199 199B 199C


7.2V 3600mAh Nickel Metal hydride (NiMH) battery pack
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Order code : CRC2015
12V 1700mAh battery is 10 cells pack with two wire and connector

Battery Size:  L 131 mm x W 34 mm x H 32 mm + 1
Voltage:           7.2V
Capacity:         4500mAh ( original is 3600mAh )
System :          NI-MH
Terminal :        with 4 pin connector
Charging Current:       0.2C~1C
Discharge end voltage:           6V
Charging Temperature:          0 to +45 °C
Discharging Temperature:      -20 to 60 °C
Storage Temperature:            -30 to 60 °C
For or cross refer to battery part no. (compatible / substitute )
Fluke Scopemeter BP190 battery
Fluke Scopemeter BP-190 battery
Battery for or cross refer to model no. (compatible / substitute )
Fluke Scopemeter 192 battery
Fluke Scopemeter 192B battery
Fluke Scopemeter 196 battery
Fluke Scopemeter 196B battery
Fluke Scopemeter 196C battery
Fluke Scopemeter 199 battery
Fluke Scopemeter 199B battery
Fluke Scopemeter 199C battery
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Fluke 433/003 Power Quality Analyzer battery
Fluke 434 Power Quality Analyzer battery
Fluke Series II Energy Analyzer battery
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