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No. 6 type R40 1.5V alkaline battery with screw terminal

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No. 6 type R40 1.5V alkaline battery

Order code: UG-N6AM
1.5V Alkaline battery with screw terminal
Dimension: Dia. 62mm x H 148mm
Weight: 1.4kg
Fit or replace battery part no.: (Cross refer or compatible chart )
6 IGN Screw battery
6 IGNS battery
ANSI / NEDA 906 battery
ANSI / NEDA 906AC battery
Berec number 6 battery
Burgess no. 6 battery
Datacell RC25GB battery
Duracell M905S battery
Eveready 1S6 battery
Eveready IS6 battery
Eveready IF6 battery
Eveready No. 6 battery
Eveready Number 6 battery
Energizer EN6 battery
Energizer R40 battery
Exell EB-R40 battery
IEC LR40 battery
IEC R40 battery
Ignition Battery
Ignitor IS6 battery
Ray-o-vac No.6 IGN battery
Type R40 battery
Varta 1322 battery
5365 battery
Neda 905 battery
905FC battery
906 battery
906AC battery
906SC battery
ALR40 battery
BA23 battery
BS23 battery
EBR40 battery
EN6 battery
EN6S battery
HO40 battery
HO6 battery
HR40 battery
HS-6 battery
IF6 battery
M905S battery
R40 battery
Fit or replace product model no.: (Cross refer or compatible chart )