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TR132 A132 6V alkaline battery for McGarf Laser Alignment System

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6.0V Alkaline battery
in stock, and some item we may the original battery and alternative battery with china cells , Panasonic cells or Samsung cell to substitute
Order code: TR132A
6V Alkaline battery
Unit Price: S$ 18.00 (include 7% GST)
Size: Dia. 17 x 33.5 mm
Package Weight:
Fit or replace part no.: (Cross refer or compatible chart)
Exell A132 Alkaline Battery Replaces A132, 2LR50, H-2P/A, EN132A, PC132A, TR132, TR132T, 2MR50, 2NR50, E132, E132N, EPX132, H-2P, H132R, TR132R, MALLORY TR132BH
Burgess H132R
Duracell PC132A
Duracell TR132 battery
Eveready 132A
Eveready A132
Energizer E132
Eveready E132N
Exell A132 battery
Mallory TR132R
Panasonic HM-2P battery

Fit or replace product model: (Cross refer or compatible chart)
McGarf Laser Alignment System battery